Green Tea

Green Energy with Ginseng

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About Green Energy with Ginseng:

Perfect morning or afternoon tea to enhance focus and boost energy.


Lemon, earthy.


Intense lemon.


Need something to perk you up? Something to clear that early morning brain fog without being overly caffeinated? Well then look no further because you have stumbled upon the perfect blend and as an added bonus, it works to keep chronic disease out.  

The floral nature of lemon myrtle compliments the inherent earthiness of ginseng. Ginseng has been known for its plethora of health benefits, the most prominent perhaps is strengthening the immune system to better fight off disease. Ginseng is also known to boost energy levels without the help of caffeine, making this the ideal blend for enhancing focus and boosting energy.  


Green Tea, Lemon Myrtle, Ginseng



Price per Cup:

$0.36 / cup.


Quantity: 1-2 Teaspoons
Steep Time: 2-3 Minutes
Water Temperature: Under Boiling, 180˚ F
Contains Caffeine: Yes