Geisha Coffee Beans

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About Geisha (Gesha) Coffee Beans:

Limited quantity of this exquisite bean available. Sold by the pound.

Of the many varieties of coffee, Geisha stands alone. 

With its aromatic and smooth floral and fruity flavors, most coffee connoisseurs agree that when it comes to fine indulgences, Geisha is among the best. 

When dealing with wine, the better the grape and harvest, the better the flavor, and, ultimately, the more expensive it will be. Geisha coffee is no different. The beans originated in Ethiopia from the Gori Gesha forest, though through a miscommunication, the coffee was misspelled as “Geisha,” a term most notably associated with a female Japanese entertainer. The two have no correlation, and today, either spelling of the coffee is acceptable. 

Geisha coffee began to gain global recognition in the 2000s when coffee farmers discovered that planting the coffee bean at a higher altitude greatly improved its flavor. The composition of the bean itself changed as well, becoming larger in size with elongated leaves and even turning red in color, similar to that of a cherry. 

The brewed results of this rarified bean would soon change the coffee industry completely as these evolved beans produced a variety of refreshing flavors, stunning even the most experienced coffee drinkers. According to an article in Vine Pair, Panamanian Geisha beans were first auctioned in 2004 for $21 per pound, when the next most expensive auctioned coffee of that time was going for $4.80. 

Most notably, Panama’s Elida Geisha Green Tip Natural auctioned for $1,029 per pound in 2019 at the Best of Panama coffee competition held by the Specialty Coffee Association of Panama. The SCAP gave the coffee a score of 95.5.

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