How to Use Tea to De-stress

With the autumn season upon us, tea is a great beverage to sip after a long workday to warm up from the cold. Daily life has many stresses, and it’s important to find ways to mitigate that stress so that you can get a good night’s rest and be energized for the next workday. If you find that your stress levels start to creep up every now and then, here are a few ways you can use tea as one way to lower your cortisol and stress levels.

Keep it Hot

While you can drink iced teas throughout the day, hot tea is very beneficial to the body. When you drink it as hot as you can consume it, the warmth of the fluid can get your digestive system moving. It can also calm any gas that you might have. A lot of people experience some stomach troubles when their stress levels increase. You’ll find you have fewer gastrointestinal symptoms when you’re drinking hot tea versus cold tea. If you are busy and on the go a lot, invest in a good travel mug that will keep your beverage hot while you are driving or sitting at your desk at work.

Avoid Caffeinated Blends

Stress leads to trouble sleeping, not being able to calm down, an increase in anxiety and much more. If you are consuming caffeine in larger quantities, this can also cause all of these symptoms. It can be dangerous to feel so stressed. Even something as simple as road rage can be dangerous, which is why you need something more soothing. It’s best to reap the medicinal benefits of tea while removing the stimulating caffeine from the mix. You can consume a tea that has a low caffeine content if you need something to help you wake up in the morning, but try to cut the caffeine out for the rest of the day. Many herbal teas are naturally caffeine free, and others can be de-caffenated. Our caffeine-free tea collection has a good mix of both.

Pick a Good Type of Tea and Good Quality

There are so many different teas to choose from. You can really experiment in order to find out what you like and don’t like. Herbal teas are often naturally caffeine-free. There are many varieties that you can consume that are decaffeinated during their production process. If you’re new to drinking tea, start with something like green tea or an English breakfast blend.  These are both teas that will help boost your immune system and help you de-stress. You can also add things to your normal blend to suit your preferences.You can add in a little bit of honey to sweeten it up. According to Sweet Leaf, adding hemp flower to your blend can also help you get that extra amount of relaxation.

When you’re stressed, curling up in your favorite blanket on the couch (or at Open Door Tea) and sipping some hot tea is a great option to help you relax. So the next time you feel stressed, try using tea as a way to help get your stress levels back on track. It will make a big difference in helping you to feel relaxed and ready for the stresses of the next day.

If you’re looking for some specialty teas you can take home and brew to help you relax, check out our selection of caffeine-free herbal teas!

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