Oolong Tea

This tea ranges from lightly oxidized “green oolong” to medium and more roasted “dark” oolongs. Oolong is moderately high in caffeine, has many antioxidants, and its health benefits include; healthy skin, healthy bones, alertness and stress management. Oolongs are complex in flavor and can be steeped multiple times. Thus they are best enjoyed on their own or after a large meal but can pair well with smoky foods and roasted vegetables.

Processing: Oolong tea is made from partially oxidized tea leaves originating in China or Taiwan. The leaves are handpicked in the winter or spring and then withered in the sun, placed in baskets and rolled and shaken to start the oxidation process. After the leaves dry out, they are fired and dried, which keeps the leaves partially oxidized- more than green tea but less than black tea.

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