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Peach Oolong

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About Peach Oolong:

Peach Oolong is the outdoor lover's best friend; it pairs wonderfully with midday hikes, evening adventures, and everything in between. Enhance your days by pairing this tea with a novel or magazine to read while you sip on its luxurious blend of flavorfully decadent fruits.

Mildly astringent yet still fruity, Peach Oolong is the perfect summer tea for drinking anytime! Fresh peach notes are incredibly delicious when paired with the subtly floral oolong flavor that makes this brew so special. Grab yourself some ice cubes (or not) as you delve into this drink with an energetic personality that'll have you feeling light as air before long! Between steeps, don't be afraid to daydream about all of those adventurous things that have you excited to live in the moment this season.


Dark Taiwanese Oolong, Apple Pieces, Marigold Flowers, Apricots, Natural Peach Flavor



Price per Cup:

$0.32 / cup.


Quantity: 1-2 Teaspoons
Steep Time: 1-3 Minutes
Water Temperature: Under Boiling, 180° F
Contains Caffeine: Yes