Rooibos Tea

Red Tea: Rooibos and Honeybush

Red rooibos tea comes from the dried stems and leaves of a shrub plant only found in the mountains of South Africa. Rich in antioxidants that turn this tea into its signature red color rooibos is also naturally caffeine-free. Honeybush is a sibling of rooibos with a little sweeter, deeper flavor and honey-roasted taste.

Processing: Red Rooibos leaves and stems are dampened and fermented. During fermentation the leaves  and stems are oxidized (and turn from green to dark red) and then dried. For green rooibos the leaves and stems are not let to ferment rather are immediately sun-dried. Green rooibos tea has higher antioxidant properties than red rooibos and has a more grassy flavor with delicate fruit notes.

Benefits: anti-inflammatory and antibacterial properties, rich mineral content, aids digestion, can reduce heart disease, lower cholesterol, stress and blood pressure and a good choice for diabetics.

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