Tea & Chocolate Companion Guide | Pairing Two

Thank you for joining us on this pairing experience, we are excited to lead you through it. This guide is meant to help walk you through the tasting experience at home so that you’re able to get the most out of the flavors of the tea and chocolate, both on their own and experienced as a pair.

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For each pairing option below, we’ve provided a brief background on the tea, suggested brewing parameters for optimum flavor, and tasting notes to look out for in each tea/chocolate pairing.

Steps for Tasting

  1. Smell and taste the chocolate
  2. Brew your tea according to the suggested parameters
  3. Smell and taste the tea: pro-tip, slurp your tea to get the most out of the aroma and flavor!
  4. Sandwich both together: taste the tea, let a small piece of chocolate melt on your tongue, then taste the tea again
  5. Write down your thoughts
  6. Check our tasting notes to see how they compare to your initial notes

Some questions to keep in mind as you’re tasting:

  • What aromas do you notice right away? Does the smell remind you of anything you’ve tried before, or maybe a place you’ve traveled to?
  • What are your impressions as you first sip the tea?
  • How does the texture of the tea feel in your mouth? Does it feel heavy, or light? 
  • How do you feel after the first sip? Do you feel energized, or more calm?
  • How did the taste of the chocolate change as you incorporated the tea? Is there anything you noticed in tasting them together that you didn't notice in tasting them on their own?

Silver Needle Tea | Matcha Strawberry Chocolate

One of our Reserve Collection teas, Silver Needle is picked in early spring while the tea leaves are still buds. This early picking brings a delicate sweetness to the tea and transports us to the crisp freshness of springtime.

This chocolate bar is made by blending matcha (green tea powder) in with the white chocolate before pouring to create a light green color, with a white chocolate swirl on top. The grassy-ness of the green tea balances with the sweetness of white chocolate.

Brewing suggestions

  1. Amount of tea - 1 tsp per 6-8 oz
  2. Water temperature - 180F
  3. Steeping time - 1-3 minutes

Tasting notes to look out for: honeysuckle, apricot, hay, white grape, strawberry, pineberry, edamame, sweet grass

Flavor Profile: The strawberry brings out the delicate fruity notes of the Silver Needle, which contrast with the vegetal and grassy notes of the matcha

Why it Works: Silver Needle's gentle, fruity essence harmonizes with the strawberry's fruity and slightly tangy qualities, while the sweetness of white chocolate is balanced with the grassy flavor of matcha

Cinnamon Chai Tea | Cinnamon Chai Chocolate

Cinnamon chai tea, an herbal blend, is meant to evoke the feeling of being wrapped in a cozy blanket, providing all of the comfort of chai spices without the caffeine or sugar. Masala chai is typically made with a black tea as a base, but this blend uses rooibos, a naturally caffeine-free plant that is native to South Africa. 

This milk chocolate bar is made with cinnamon chai tea and candied oranges. 

Brewing suggestions

  1. Amount of tea - 1 tsp per 6-8 oz
  2. Water temperature - 212F
  3. Steeping time - 5-8 minutes

Tasting notes to look out for: honey, vanilla, caramel, ginger, citrus zest, marmalade, cinnamon, clove

Flavor Profile: The strong cinnamon in the rooibos tea balances the sweetness of the milk chocolate, while the citrus kick from the orange complements the warmth of traditional chai spices

Why it Works: This blend of warming and grounding flavors creates a comforting, cozy feeling, ideal for relaxing in the evening. 

Strawberry Hibiscus Tea | Berry Hibiscus Chocolate

One of our most popular teas, Strawberry Hibiscus is a bright and energizing blend without caffeine and a great balance of sweet and tart. We love this tea both hot and iced. If you’d like to try this blend as an iced tea, brew your tea double strength and pour over a full cup of ice. 

The chocolate bar is made by blending hibiscus matcha powder (100% ground hibiscus leaves) into the white chocolate before pouring, for balanced sweetness and bright pink color. 

Brewing suggestions:

  1. Amount of tea - 1 tsp per 6-8 oz (2 tsp per 6-8 oz if iced)
  2. Water Temperature - 212F
  3. Steeping Time - 5-8 minutes

Tasting notes to look out for: hibiscus, cranberry, pomegranate, raspberry, blueberry, green apple, vanilla, sweet butter, coconut milk

Flavor Profile: The crisp, fresh, tart quality of the Strawberry Hibiscus is tempered by the sweet white chocolate and berries

Why it Works: This pairing provides the best of both worlds when it comes to sweet and sour. The sweetness of the white chocolate softens the tartness of the Strawberry Hibiscus, creating a smooth harmony of flavor with a berry twist.

Use the flavor wheels below to help guide your individual tasting experience:

Tea Flavor Wheeltea flavor wheel

By experimenting with tea and chocolate pairings, you not only enhance the flavors of each but also embark on a sensory journey that's rich and fulfilling. Try out these pairings and share your thoughts with us. Until then, enjoy your tea and chocolate adventures!

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Want to learn more? Additional resources:

  1. "The Tea Enthusiast's Handbook: A Guide to Enjoying the World's Best Teas" by Mary Lou Heiss and Robert J. Heiss — for insights into tea types and their unique characteristics.
  2. "The Flavor Bible: The Essential Guide to Culinary Creativity, Based on the Wisdom of America's Most Imaginative Chefs" by Karen Page and Andrew Dornenburg — for general flavor pairing tips.

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