Frequently Asked Questions

What should I expect when visiting Open Door Tea?

At Open Door, you can find a wide array of organic drinks and snacks. While our focus is teas, we also serve coffee, juices, and smoothies and a variety of fresh baked pastries and delicacies .

We also have a wide variety of lunch options available, from our famous quiche to chicken salads, vegan wraps, and fresh soups. New food specials everyday!

What type of tea do you serve?

At Open Door, we don't focus on one specific tea ceremony or style. Inspired by many different cultures and traditions, our goal is to expose the world of tea to all people.

Where do you get your tea?

We source tea and herbs from a variety of places. Some of our teas are pure from the source while others are custom blends that we create in-house. Our strength lies in the herbal wellness blends we create that our customers love and can only be bought from Open Door Tea directly (online or in-store).

Do you sell tea in bulk?

Yes! Any of our teas are available for bulk purchase in 8 ounce bags. If you would like to order tea in larger quantities please reach out to us. Wholesale partnerships are available to businesses, please email wholesale@opendoortea.com to get started.

What about food?

We serve pastries, sandwiches, salads, soups, and other small delicacies. We have gluten free and vegetarians options as well. Check out our menu!

Is everything organic?

We have an excellent selection of organic teas on our website. Due to the nature of many teas being sourced from small farms and the 

Many of our products and ingredients are organic or locally sourced, and have no preservatives or artificial ingredients. We hold the highest standard of quality to all of our product offerings and don't sacrifice on quality. Our founder is a nutritionist after-all!

Where are you located?

Paradise Green
3552 Main St.
Stratford, CT 06614

Where can I park?

There are a few parking spaces in the front of the store, and additional parking in the rear. The rear parking lot can be accessed from Wilcoxson Avenue, or from two driveways on main street. The first is in next to Star Academy, and the second is next to Micalizzi Ice Cream.

Is the cafe handicap accessible?

Yes! We have two handicap accessible bathrooms.

What kind of events do you host?

We host seminars, workshops, educational classes, tea tastings, and more. Our Facebook Page has all of our upcoming events and updates. Facebook.com/OpenDoorTea

Can I reserve space for events?

Sure! Please contact us and we can arrange it. You can also email events@opendoortea.com.

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