Accessories That Every Tea Drinker Needs in Their Home

If you are a tea aficionado, you already know that this drink is flavorful and diverse, and that those who love it have very strong opinions on it—as strong as an Earl Grey that’s left perhaps a little too long! Still, there are some specific things which make your enjoyment a little greater while you enjoy tea. 

Whether you prefer green, oolong, or herbals, teas are a magnificent way of getting in your hydration, both hot and cold. But it can be a complicated hobby to begin, while a delightful one to enjoy. The more you drink, the more you want to taste and learn how to brew. You know you don’t need everything in the catalog, but you would like to have more than a cup! Here are some of the varying accessories that true tea drinkers need in their homes.

Tea Infuser

Beginners and those on the go use tea bags for a fast cuppa. But those who love tea should invest in some sort of tea infuser so that they can branch out into loose leaf variations of teas. There are many versions which you can choose for your home, including those which infuse single cups or full teapots. Look for something with small holes in a stainless steel or a silicone variation, both of which are generally easy to clean and last for years. Depending upon your personal taste, there are many adorable infusers in the shapes of animals, insects, and other cute items. Whichever infuser you choose, make sure to clean them after use so they can be ready for your next cup of tea!

A Tumbler

Whether you like hot or cold beverages, a tumbler which can be used for both is very useful for carrying your tea on the go. Bone china is, after all, not necessarily useful to drink from in the car, or while tailgating. A tumbler, though, can have a built-in infuser for both loose teas and slices of fruits which can add additional flavoring to infusions. Tisanes in particular are great in a tumbler, as they are excellent cold. Warm or cold, though, tumblers are a tea drinker’s best travel accessory.

Tea Cozy

Tea cozies might have temporarily gone out of fashion, but have come roaring back with other quilted and crocheted items! They have both form and function, and come in many styles. The basic purpose is, of course, to insulate your teapot and keep the tea inside hot for longer, while also protecting your hands while you pour out! Depending upon your mood and aesthetic, you could prefer designs which are heirloom crochet, vintage hens, or modern designs specific to your particular serving set.


You might love tea, but you also don’t want to damage your carefully chosen furniture pieces! Direct contact with hot items can harm wood furniture. Instead, just as in summer, use coasters to protect your furnishings. Especially with resin work being on trend, handmade coasters are easier and easier to find. Likewise, marble slices, wood slices, and even sandstone make excellent coaster options and can be customizable. Whether you prefer fun sayings or a formal monogram, your furniture is important!

Electric Kettle

Regardless of your favorite type of tea, having an electric kettle is essential! Beloved in Europe for generations, this important countertop appliance is compact and essential for a great pot of tea. An electric kettle can be both functional and aesthetically beautiful. Whether you prefer glass or metal exteriors, the most critical point is how much water you need at a time. Some need a cup or two, while others need much more. However, any electric kettle can bring your water to a boil quickly and efficiently without any worries.


Whether you prefer whimsy or functionality, there is a style of teapot that is ready for you. It can help to think about what other things are your hobbies. After all, the art of creating teapots has been around for hundreds of years, and there are specialty pots for not just the size of a tea party, but also different cultural types of teas. Whether you prefer traditional silver or pottery for your table, or want a teapot shaped like a cabbage, because of their collectable status, there is more than likely a teapot specific to your favorite style! Look for those pieces which suit not only your personal aesthetic, but which are well made and designed, and which suit the amount of space which you have.

Tea Cup

Along with your teapot, you will enjoy having teacups designated for your tea. Your personal ritual is a part of your tea routine. It’s a wonderful thing to be able to enjoy a matching set, if you prefer, with your teapot! However, whether you prefer a traditional shape or a larger mug, having well made teacups is a comfort to your enjoyment. Look for those things which are shaped well for your own hand and which are comfortable to you. Many prefer those cups which are also handmade. It can be a peaceful portion of your routine to have a well made pottery piece from a local artisan. But if you prefer more whimsical styles, there are also a multitude of those options also!

Whether you prefer a nice warm tisane that’s caffeine free, or whether you want a nice cup of sweet tea at the end of a long day, there are so many types of tea to enjoy! While you don’t need every accessory out there in order to enjoy tea, having some of the above can make your winter a more comforting and peaceful routine. Winter weather, while cold, can be deceptively dehydrating! Make sure you use your newfound enjoyment to keep your body hydrated. This helps protect your immune system and keep you going through all of the cold winter days. Pretty soon you can enjoy sitting by your fire, with a warm mug in hand and a tea cozy protecting the rest of your tea in the pot!

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