March Newsletter | The Magic of Jasmine Rose Tea

As Spring begins, we think of renewal and blooming.

March is the month of beginnings, when buds and bulbs peak their heads through the soil’s top layer, when birds return, when the sun shows up a bit more often. In taking Spring to heart, our tea of the month is Jasmine Rose, a wonderfully fragrant, rich green tea that will make you feel like you’re walking through a garden. 

Jasmine Rose is delicate, sweet, and mood uplifting. Rose petals accentuate and soften a jasmine flavor, adding a vibrant note within lush, deep green. Jasmine flowers are layered into this green tea during production to create this distinct jasmine essence. Spring is known just as well for its regenerative rains and Jasmine Rose is the ideal tea to help brighten up a stormy day. 

Originating from the Jiangxi Province of China, jasmine is commonly used as an antidepressant in Chinese medicine. Jasmine is revered for its relaxing properties and its ability to facilitate a calming sensation. This antioxidant rich green tea is complimented by the calming floral notes of jasmine blossoms and rose petals which create an enticing, heady aroma. Jasmine is also believed to aid in digestion, reduce inflammation, and boost the immune system. 

We hope that March presents plenty of moments to be enjoyed with a cup of our calming Jasmine Rose tea. May the dried rose petals remind you of all that is about to bloom. 


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