May Newsletter | Discover the Unique Origin of Lavender Orange Rock Oolong

Our May tea of the month is the well loved Lavender Orange Rock Oolong.

This blend weaves the complex flavors of oolong with a soothing essence of lavender flowers and zesty twist of orange. Fruity and floral notes are complemented by the subtle honey and peach accents of Rock Oolong’s tea leaves. Lavender Orange Rock Oolong’s earthy floral aroma and bright citrus notes delight the senses while its smooth, balanced taste lingers on the palate. This tea makes for a truly delightful and refreshing tasting experience. 

The base of Lavender Orange Rock Oolong is Shui Hsien (Water Sprite), a well known and loved Rock Oolong tea. Rock Oolong originates from the Wuyi mountains in the Fujian province of China, deriving its name from the rocky, mineral rich soil where the tea plants are grown. Also referred to as “Yancha” or “Wuyi Rock Tea,” this tea’s flavor profile echoes the character of Wuyi mountain soil, which is deep red and rich in color due to its mineral content. This rocky, robust flavor is known as “yan yun.”

Rock tea plants and the rocks on which they grow have a kind of symbiotic relationship. The tea plants emerge between the large rocks of the Wuyi mountains, their appearance mimicking bonsai trees. These rocks shelter the tea plants, provide a balanced exposure of sunlight, and facilitate slow watering. The tea plants are nourished as water trickles down the Wuyi rock sides, absorbing slowly into the soil. Rock tea plants can live for hundreds of years. 

Oolongs can be steeped numerous times, with each infusion providing a complex, unique taste. When brewed, Lavender Orange Rock Oolong takes on a light, translucent peach color, influenced by the presence of orange peels and lavender flowers. This flavorful and soothing tea can be enjoyed over ice and is a perfect blend for late Spring into Summertime. 

Lavender Orange Rock Oolong reminds us to be both rooted and light through its collaboration of grounded earthiness and fruitiness. Rock Oolong’s rich history and origin informs our practice of paying attention when drinking this blend. As we do so, the subtle tastes and complexity of Lavender Orange Rock Oolong rise to greet us.


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