Tea of the Month: Elderberry Rescue

The first tea I ever tried at Open Door was Elderberry Rescue. Picked out of a wide array of equally enticing blends, I gravitated to it based on my interest and knowledge around elderberries, as well as its potency for preventative care in a time of year when illness is no stranger.

During the month of January, as we move further into the Winter months, I am honoring the importance of restoring balance while focusing on immune system support. That’s why Elderberry Rescue is our tea of the month, a beautiful blend of warm spices, rooibos, citrus, and elderberries; a perfect combination to build up protection against the cold and flu season.

In holistic terms, health and wellness is a personal journey. Health involves the whole, the intricate system of our bodies, and building the strength of our immune systems up over time. You may have heard the talk around elderberries, with products such as elderberry syrup rising in popularity and shelf presence over recent years. While elderberries require cooking or drying before consumption, they act as an excellent illness remedy. As we continue to discover the value in preventative care, it is no surprise that elderberries were on many minds. Like constructing the foundation of a home, the immune system is a vital support beam to the health of our whole being.

The combination of herbs and spices found in Elderberry Rescue, blended in house at our tea shop, have a dynamic bouquet of aromatics which encourage a relaxing sensation and a sense of calm. Not only does this tea look beautiful in its rich deep colors, it provokes a feeling of warmth, felt both internally and externally within its complexity of spices. This tea is comforting when warmed and soothing when chilled, which you can try now with our new Elderberry Iced Tea.

Warm spices such as ginger, cinnamon, and clove blend together with elderberries, a fantastic remedy for cold and flu season that helps to keep the immune system strong. Elderberries are a wonderful antiviral that also contain anti-inflammatory properties. Cloves act as a strong antimicrobial while cinnamon increases circulation and blood flow, allowing more focus and presence. Rooibos, which holds extra minerals, bioflavonoids, and a sweet roasting flavor, is the base of Elderberry Rescue. Without caffeine, this warming tea blend can be enjoyed anytime of the day or evening.

When I drink Elderberry Rescue tea, its spices recall memories of closeness and comfort. I’m reminded of the care that has been given to me during times of illness, as well as the care I have given others. We hope that drinking Elderberry Rescue provides you with a sense of warmth and comfort, supporting you and your immune system through this time of year.


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