In January we made our own masala chai blends using warming herbs like ginger, cloves, cinnamon and cardamom. These herbs were blended in a base of nutritious rooibos or assam black tea. Some members were not afraid to add cumin or coriander spices.

In March we will have fun again mixing loose leaf tea and medicinal herbs. It iODT Healing Comforts good to be prepared for sudden indigestion (especially coming after trying new foods at restaurants or at potlucks and holidays). It is also important to have mint and dry ginger on hand. It may be surprising to some, but dry basil (yes the same basil we use so much in cooking) can be made into a hot soothing tea that is very helpful for bloating. We will learn how to turn ordinary spices from your kitchen cabinet into a medicinal brew for many ailments.

March is also a good time to prepare your immune system against allergens that will be in the air. Soon the mold released from the thawing ground, dusty leaves and pollen cake make some suffer with sneezing, runny nose and swollen eyes.

Prepare yourself now by strengthening your immune system with different remedies- and tea is one of them!

On March 22, 2019 Friday 7-8:30. We will have a special guest- naturopathic Dr. Olympia Dreszer, who will show us how to survive spring allergy season!

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