4 Ways Antioxidants Benefit Your Body


The toxins known as free radicals, or unstable atoms, come about via oxidation. If you cut an apple in half and leave it exposed to air, it will turn brown. The flesh of the apple is protected by the skin; once the skin is broken down, the flesh is altered by the exposure. Similar to us, unstable atoms run rampant in the body and break down the body's cells. However, antioxidants are available to save the day and can combat these invaders.

Immune System

According to Project Open Hand, antioxidants support your immune system by latching onto free radicals trapped in your tissues and suppress the damage they cause. Your liver, gut, and kidneys do a great job at removing waste from the body. Antioxidants help become the carriers for the toxins you need to get rid of. Boosting your antioxidant intake takes a change in thought and dedicated focus. Instead of pouring that extra cup of coffee to give you that midday energy boost, treat yourself to a cup of green tea or a smoothie with matcha. Blend in some spinach and blueberries and you'll enjoy an antioxidant powerhouse beverage.

Cardiac Protection

Toxins born of oxidation damage the body on a cellular level. Chronic illnesses that are tied to inflammation such as arthritis and heart disease, are less common in people with diets that are high in antioxidants. Of course, other habits such as a sedentary lifestyle and smoking can also elevate the free radicals in your tissues. Boosting your antioxidant intake is critical for smokers while they work to quit. Your body will love you for protecting your heart.

Cancer Prevention

A diet loaded with fruits and vegetables is the easiest way to boost your intake of antioxidants. In addition, these foods are high in fiber and are very good for your gut. According to ASEA, free radicals are just one of many factors contributing to the formation of cancer. Keeping your calcium intake high can also help prevent some forms of cancer.

Brain Protection

A diet high in antioxidant-rich foods can lower your risk of stroke. There are also studies underway to compare antioxidant levels in the blood and the risk of Alzheimer's. As we age, these toxins can cause many changes in our brains and bodies at a cellular level, so keeping our antioxidant levels by increasing our intake of fruits, vegetables, and beverages featuring green tea are critical to maintaining good health as we age.

Simple changes in your diet and supplement routine can make getting the antioxidants you need an easy process. Stay away from processed foods and work to focus on whole foods. Drink green tea or matcha instead of soda, and boost your intake of fruits and vegetables. Toxins are always going to be there, so keep your antioxidant levels high.

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