Oolong Tea

Benshan Oolong

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About Benshan Oolong (Medium Roast):

Anxi grown Ben Shan Oolong was roasted for a total of 10 hours at a temperature of 60C.  This heavier roasting technique brings out the aroma and softens the green edge of this Ben Shan oolong.  Ben Shan with it's coarser (thicker) leaves takes well to longer roasting.  The roasting process allows this tea (if kept sealed) to age wonderfully!


Benshan Oolong Tea


Yunnan, China

Price per Cup:

$0.46 / cup.



Quantity: 1 Teaspoon
Steep Time: 2-3 Minutes
Water Temperature: Under Boiling, 180° F
Contains Caffeine: Yes


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