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Golden Monkey

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About Golden Monkey:

Sweet and rich; this is a hand processed Chinese black tea also called Jin Hou. Only the bud and first leaf are picked, and the tea leaves are characterized by the pale gold threading. Golden Monkey tea is a black tea counterpart of Silver Needle white tea. The flavor profile of golden monkey tea is characterized by light, honeyed peach notes, and its lack of astringency. 

This tea is hand-processed each spring by carefully plucking its leaves and buds. It is considered one of the finest black teas available. The name of the tea comes from the leaves that resemble monkey claws. Golden Monkey leaves are grown at the altitudes of 1200 metres. This tea comes from the Yunnan province; a mountainous, cloudy and misty province - it has grown tea for 1700 years. During ancient times, Golden Monkey was consumed by local landlords and Taipans.

Despite the fact that tea has been grown in Yunnan for 1700 years, Golden Monkey is a relatively new tea, about 300 years old. It has only been produced for export in the last 13–18 years.

Flavors: Light, honeyed peach notes, and a lack of astringency

Aromas:  Savory roasted apples, palm sugar, walnut, cocoa, rye and spice notes


Chinese Black Tea


Fujian Region in China

Price per Cup:

$0.39 / cup.


Quantity: 1 Teaspoon
Steep Time: 3-5 Minutes
Water Temperature: Boiling, 212° F
Contains Caffeine: Yes