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Iron Goddess of Mercy - Tieguanyin

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About Iron Goddess of Mercy (Tieguanyin):

A exquisite, lightly roasted organic oolong that brews an aromatic, clean, and bright cup with a full-body and a light sweetness that lingers.

Also known by the name Tie Guan Yin, Iron Goddess of Mercy is said to have been discovered by an elder farmer named Wei who lived in Anxi county, Fujian province. Wei was a poor, pious man who hiked the long trail to tidy up the dilapidated village temple every week. The merciful bodhisattva Guanyin visited Wei in his dream, telling him to check behind the temple for a gift in honor of his dedication. Wei awoke the next day and hiked to the temple, finding a tea tree growing behind. He cultivated the tea plant and found it made a most fragrant infusion. He shared the seeds with his friends and to this day, the Tieguanyin cultivar is said to have derived from this legendary lineage.


Single Origin Organic Oolong Tea from Fujian, China.


Anxi County, Fujian, China

Price per Cup:

$0.46 / cup.


Quantity: 1 Teaspoon
Steep Time: 2-3 Minutes
Water Temperature: Under Boiling, 190° F
Contains Caffeine: Yes


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Customer Reviews

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Eden R

I had this tea at a tea shop in Tokyo and thought I'd look for it to keep at home. Very tasty! Especially when sweetened.

Moya C
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