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Open Door Tea is hosting tea time online! Let's sip, taste, and learn about tea health, tea culture, and wellness together. Watch the video 

We offer private tea tastings & tea parties for groups. We have shipped over 10,000 tea samples across hundreds of corporate events, bridal showers, conferences, summits, team-building, client appreciation, birthday parties, holiday parties, AAPI Month, and more event types - our customers range from Fortune 500 companies to small charitable organizations.

Our tea times provide a relaxing and comfortable atmosphere for all - no matter your level of tea experience. While steeping teas we discuss brewing techniques, health benefits, tips on storing, blending, mindfulness, and everything else surrounding the world of tea. 

How it works:
  1. Tell us what you're looking for. We can include a variety of different teas, cookies, chocolates, and teaware for your participants
  2. Send us the participant addresses. 2 weeks notice is required, so that all participants will receive the tea samples before the scheduled tasting. We can include notes or other items with the package. View an unboxing video!
  3. Virtual tea tasting is hosted by two Open Door Tea employees, and can be up to one hour long. During that time we will steep and sip the teas, discuss, and finish with a brief mindfulness session.
Instruction and Plan:

The tea tasting is led by Kasia Lindeberg, owner of Open Door Tea, who has decades of experience in nutrition, health, and tea. She is assisted by Jeannie Holst, a long-time employee and tea aficionado. Kasia and Jeannie have led many workshops and classes on a variety of aspects within the world of the tea.

We offer several different class types, all of which can be customized to best suit your audience. We also offer chocolate tastings, coffee tastings, and self-guided tastings.

Sample Topics (optional):

  • Tea Overview
  • Tea & Wellness (General)
  • Tea & Stress Relief
  • Ladies Afternoon Tea
  • Tea & Immune Support
  • Tea & Mindfulness
  • Tea for Cognitive Function
  • Single-Origin Tea
  • International Tea Tour
  • Iced Teas
  • Tulsi Tea, Rooibos Tea, Herbal Tea, etc. (Tisanes)
  • Green/Black/White/Oolong/Pu-Erh Tea
  • Chinese Tea, Fujian Tea, Indian Tea, Japanese Tea, etc.
    What's in the Box:

    We offer three options for tea kits, all of which can be customized to best fit your needs and budget. Prices are all-inclusive of tea, guided tasting, and shipping.

    virtual tea tasting prices

    More Details:

    • All participants will receive a site-wide discount on loose leaf tea
    • Bulk discounts available for larger groups
    • Minimum spend: $250 per event
    • International shipping is available
    • Custom notes or items can be included with each package at request
    • Shorter time-frames can sometimes be accommodated
    • Kits can be packaged in gift boxes (as a care package or holiday gift)
    • "Self-Guided" Tastings can be arranged
    • Coffee tasting can be added to the event, co-hosted by a local coffee roaster.
    • Download the flyer here 

    Contact to schedule a private tasting:

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    Customer Reviews

    Based on 15 reviews
    Lise Fracalossi
    Great teambuilding, great fun, but communication could have been better

    The tea tasting itself was educational and a lot of fun! I think of myself as a tea aficionado, but I still learned a lot. I also really liked the teas we sampled, and I'll definitely be ordering myself some of the licorice chai.

    My only complaints would be the level of communication we had with Open Door. In planning the virtual tea tasting, it often took over a week to get a reply to emails. Additionally, the day of the event, the tea tasting was delayed by 20 minutes due to technical issues on Open Door's end; I ended up having to call them to resolve it. But the host was willing to stay longer to accommodate the delay, as were we, so it all turned out in the end.

    Would definitely still recommend the virtual tea tasting, but just be sure to give yourself plenty of time to schedule and plan the event, and don't hesitate to call if you aren't getting the response you expect.

    Scott Oshita
    Did not receive my kit on time.

    I cannot do a tea time tasting review because I did not receive my kit on time to participate in the tasting. I was listening and it sounded interesting.

    Bryan Li

    Virtual Tea Time & Tasting

    Apaar Bhatnagar
    loved the tea

    loved the tea

    Meghna Iyengar

    tea was good and liked the disposable tea bags